With several events spread throughout the center of Bra and nearby Pollenzo, visitors can enjoy panels, workshops, and tastings. For the first time ever, the event will only promote and sell cheeses made with raw milk. This strategic decision was made in order to assert that cheese is alive and fundamentally connected to the land where it is created.

The process of pasteurization, alternatively, affects not only the taste of cheese, but also removes any trace of territory, destroying the subtle flavors and qualities of the animals’ pastoral experience. Furthermore, by promoting raw milk Slow Food also helps preserve biodiversity, as pasteurization kills the bacteria that brings cheese to life.

Although the full program this year’s edition has not yet been released, in past years over 350 businesses, representing artisanal cheese and more, and nearly 250,000 visitors have enjoyed the event! For updates on the program of events and a map of venues, visit the official site of Slow Food: Cheese here.


Images from Slow Food‘s website.