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Via le Piane, 29 • 01028 Orte, ViterboVT
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  • Certifications DOP, DOC, DOCG and IGP
  • Organic food
  • Local food from less than 1mi away
  • Locally owned and operated

“Dal Contadino is a specialty food store dedicated to traditional and natural Italian food of the highest quality. He who eats Italian at the same time lives Italian!”

In brief

Dal Contadino is a family-owned and operated natural food store and wine bar, born from the young couple's love for high quality Italian goods. We source our products exclusively from local companies with exceptional natural products, therefore promoting local environmental and economic sustainability. Dal Contadino chooses specialized products that have a rich history of their own.


Dal Contadino offers a wide range of products, ranging from cured meats to deli meats, such as raw prosciutto, cooked prosciutto, mortadella, salami, lombetti (pork loin), capocolli (a type of local sausage), pancetta, guanciale (bacon), speck, and bresaola (dried beef). Additionally, an assortment of cheese from around Italy, including a selection of goat and sheep-milk cheese from the island of Sardinia, are available.

Each morning, we receive fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese and ricotta cheese made from a blend of buffalo and cow milk, two excellent quality cheeses from the Salento area in southern Italy.

One product that has proven to be a success is the gorgonzola cremificato, or creamed gorgonzola cheese, which is served with a spoon. Another niche product is the Gragnano pasta, from the Amalfi coast, which is a specialty pasta made from golden durum wheat that is available in different shapes, sizes, and also gluten free .

Upon request, customers can buy fresh truffles from Umbria and Viterbo, which vary depending on the season.

Dal Contadino also offers a small wine bar with excellent quality Italian wines from various regions, including spumanti (sparkling wine), champagne, grappe (brandy) and rum.

Additionally, we sell a variety of gluten-free products, snacks, biscuits/ cookies, flour, and ingredients for the preparation of Italian dishes.

The store

Dal Contadino strongly upholds two philosophies: "who eats better, lives better!" and "who eats Italian, lives Italian!" The tradition of being around a dinner table derives from Italy's history in food production that has distinguished us around the world.

Our goal is to shape a new path in the world of distribution and marketing of handicrafts. Our direct relationship with the producers allow us to ensure the highest quality of Italian food, and ensuring affordable and sustainable prices that are within everyone's reach.

Surrounding area

Dal Contadino is located in Orte, a medieval hilltop city in Tuscia, a cultural area in central Italy. The historic center of Orte offers well-preserved medieval architecture and is famous for its underground network of historic cisterns, tunnels, and caves. Directly outside of Orte are natural thermal pools that can be visited throughout the year. We recommend visiting Orte during the first 10 days of September, when each year the inhabitants celebrate the city's history with medieval-themed events.

Apart from sites in historic Orte, Tuscia offers a rich cultural, natural, and historical heritage. Tuscia is well known for the production of hazelnuts and chestnuts, of which our store sells wholesale or as part of various chocolate-hazelnut creams. Many of the products sold in the store are from local artisanal producers in the Tuscia region.

Tuscia offers unlimited possibilities for enjoying nature and history. Some nearby sites include:

Tuscania (45 km/ 28 miles): Ancient Etruscan and Roman archeological ruins
Bomarzo (16 km/ 10 miles): Medieval park with unique buildings and statues of monsters
Monti Cimini (35 km/ 21 miles): Densely wooded volcanic hills surrounding the crater-lake of Lake Vico
Viterbo (25 km/ 15.5 miles): The capital of the Tuscia region, Viterbo offers a well preserved walled medieval center, several historic Papal buildings, and the famous Terme dei Papi thermal pools.

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