On Saturdays and Sundays from April 15th to June 18th, 2017, the cultural association is offering guided tours of the ancient ruins, as well as specialized tours focusing on photography or hiking. The full schedule of opportunities can be found here.

The ruins of Ietas, or Monte Iato, are located in the modern-day town of San Giuseppe Jato just 30 minutes south of Palermo, Sicily. Originally founded in the 6th Century BC, the town thrived through Greek rule but, after the First Punic War, became a Roman municipality of little importance. It is believed that the town was destroyed by Frederick the II, Holy Roman Emperor and then-king of Sicily, in 1246.

The educational tours will be led by expert guides, with three itineraries to choose from. The first, Avventura a Monte Iato, will take visitors from the Antiquarium Case D’Alia, a history museum in Ietas, through the entire archeological park. Visitors will discover one of the oldest Greek theaters in Sicily, the Agora, remains of multi-story homes, and even an extremely rare example of an ancient Greek bathroom.

The specialized itineraries, AgoraFotografia and ArcheoTrekking, will be offered less frequently and are designed for those with a passion for photography or hiking.

Information on tickets, a full program of opportunities, and other specific details can be found on CoopCulture’s website. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the unique Greek heritage of Sicily!