The ancient road that connected ancient Rome to Brundisium (the modern day city of Brindisi, in the southern Italian region of Puglia) was originally constructed in 312 B.C. and boasts some of the best preserved catacombs, temples and mausoleums in all of Rome. Discover more about Via Appia Antica.

Appia Day marks the beginning of a new era for Rome, as the Via Appia Antica and its treasures have finally been pedestrianized, thus protecting the area of significant historical value from vehicle traffic. The goal is that the new archaeological park will serve as inspiration and as a gateway to the new city of Rome- one that values modernity, sustainability, health, and preservation.

Throughout the day, Romans and tourists alike will be able to discover the historic sites as well as learn more about green, sustainable improvements to the area. This includes the project G.R.A.B, an extraordinary 45 km bike path around the city of Rome, including a particularly lovely route from Piazza Venezia to the Via Appia Antica. Discover more about G.R.A.B. here.

Further opportunities include biking and archeological tours, historical storytellers, guided hikes, food and wine tastings, and games. A full list of events can be found here. With so much to see and do, anyone with an interest in Rome’s history and her future should put #AppiaDay on your calendar!

Images from Stanisław Gurba and Shaun Merritt.