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01033 Civita Castellana, Viterbo
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  • Certifications Accredited Artisanal Brand of Tuscia and Regional Accreditation as an Artisanal Business of Excellence
  • Typical Product from Tuscia, Viterbo

“Mastro Cencio's Vincenzo Dobboloni is a masterful artist specializing in the production of traditional crafts reminiscent of the territory's past. His workshop is located in the heart of historic Civita Castellana, a few steps from Forte Sangallo and the Duomo Cathedral "Cosmati", which serve as inspiration to his work. Each artifact that he creates is a testimony to his raw talent and refined taste.”

In brief

The interior of Mastro Cencio's workshop is always filled with evocative, intricate pieces, each created using the same ancient procedures and techniques that were used in the past.

The Bottega of Mastro Cencio has received several recognitions. From the Region of Lazio, Mastro Cencio was recognized as an Artisanal Business of Excellence, with his products receiving the Distinction of Origin and Quality. All products carry an authenticity certification, identifying them as typical from the territory of Tuscia, Northern Lazio.


The creations are mainly based on archaeology, styled after products from the Etruscan and Faliscan periods, as well as from the medieval and Renaissance eras. Despite this, one can also find modern and contemporary pieces, proving the versatility of the artist's abilities.

Each product is distinguished by the Tuscia certification a mark of territorial and cultural authenticity, as well as the prestigious certification of Artisanal Business of Excellence from the Region of Lazio.

The store

With a desire to promote local artistic heritage, Vincenzo Dobboloni uses his artistic skills to bring history back to life.

Since the establishment of the Bottega, he has contributed to the promotion and recovery of Tuscia's ancient artistic traditions through the study of techniques from the past. By utilizing this knowledge in his historical reproductions, Mastro Cencio promotes the survival of the region's artistic heritage.

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