Villa Borghese

Perhaps the most famous of all gardens in Rome, due to its prestigious position above Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps, Villa Borghese is the city’s third largest public park. With a mixture of styles, from classical Italian to English, fountains, ponds, monuments, various buildings, and even the Biopark (zoo) of Rome, the park offers over 80 hectares of land to explore.

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Parco Degli Acquedotti

In addition to the charming manicured gardens and elegant villas of the center, Rome also offers several natural parks, offering a much more rustic experience for visitors. One example is Parco Degli Acquedotti, which sits approximately 8 km from the center of Rome in the Regional Park of the Appian Way. At 240 hectares, the Parco Degli Acquedotti offers ample space for running, biking, and relax.

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Villa Doria Pamphili

The largest public manicured park in Rome, the garden of Villa Doria Pamphili covers 184 hectares of land, making it more than twice the size of Villa Borghese.  The park sits on Gianicolo Hill to the west of the Tevere river, outside the ancient center of Rome.  Today, visitors can easily arrive by foot or public transit from the nearby quarter of Trastevere or the Park of Gianicolo.

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Pictures from Jean-Christophe BENOIST, Sergio D’Afflitto, ShockWave2 and Alinti.