The festival, which will last from April 21st to October 21st, 2017, is the first international event dedicated exclusively to Mediterranean garden design and landscape architecture. Locals and tourists with an interest in Mediterranean-climate garden trends will find fourteen gardens open to the public at Radicepura Botanical Gardens, with competing designs by teams from around the region.

Particular attention will be paid to sustainability in garden design. All plants were cultivated by Piante Faro, a family-owned nursery with over 800 species/ 5000 varieties of plants, widely seen as a leader in production and exportation of Mediterranean plants.

Alongside Piante Faro, the festival is organized by Fondazione Radicepura, an organization promoting biodiversity through protection of the environment, education, and extensive study of the environmental adaptability of plant species.

Of course, the festival will offer much more than just a peak at beautiful garden design: street markets, gardening classes, artistic performances, seminars, and even cocktail parties/pop concerts are present on the program. A full list of events can be found here.

The gardens are open from 10am-7pm (with the final entrance at 6pm), Monday-Friday, from now until October 21st. Full priced tickets cost €15, whereas a family can enter on a €30 Family Package. Don’t miss this event!


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